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PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CAMERAS AT HOME. !!! It is considered extremely rude to photograph others enjoying themselves at the beach. You should always ask permission to take a photo of someone whether they are clothed or not.


  • This means, whatever you bring to the beach that will be trash at the end of the day, (soda cans, food wrappers, newspapers and other trash) you must take home with you and dispose of there. Do not leave litter on the beach, along the path, in the parking lot, at the snack area or in the rest room facilities. Bring a trash bag with you and carry your trash home with you.
  • Smokers, please remember that cigarette and cigar butts, wrappers and cartons are trash and need to be taken home and disposed of, not left sticking in the sand. Use a clam shell as an ashtray, not the Beach! Thanks.
  • Do not litter. Take out more trash than you bring in. If you see trash on the beach, please pick it up, take it home and throw it away. If you don't feel like carrying it home don't bring it with you.


  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS ON THE BEACH - Once glass is broken on the beach it becomes impossible to clean up creating a hazard for many years to come.
  • DRINK RESPONSIBLY - Drinking alcohol on the beach is legal. Excessive drinking in the sun, and while swimming can be dangerous. It can also result in arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct. The rangers do watch.
  • BE CONSIDERATE - Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking, while legal, can be offensive to those down wind. Please be considerate. Please pick up all cigarette butts and dispose of them with your trash.
  • CARRY IN - CARRY OUT - Please bring your trash home with you. The park does not supply containers. Be responsible; keep the beach and walking paths clean.
  • GET PERMISSION - Photographs and videos should only be taken with permission of those in the photo. Photographing of minors is forbidden and can result in arrest.
  • KEEP IT DOWN - Keep music at a polite volume or use headphones. Not everyone wants to listen to music on the beach; some just want to enjoy the sounds of the surf and the birds.
  • RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS - Nudity is legal at Gunnison Beach; however, lewd and lascivious behavior is illegal and can result in arrest. This type of behavior includes, but is not limited to masturbation, sexual intercourse, oral sex and lewd or inappropriate comments. If you witness inappropriate behavior notify a lifeguard or park ranger. Do not try to take matters into your own hands.
  • DRESS BEFORE LEAVING - Dress before leaving designated clothing optional areas. These areas are clearly marked by informational signs. "Attention" signs mark both north and south boundaries of the clothing optional areas. Beyond these signs you must be dressed. Restrooms and showers are located at the boardwalk entrance to the beach and you must be dressed to use the facilities.
  • OBEY ALL LOCAL LAWS AND RULES - You are on federal property and fines can be steep.
  • RESPECT WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRAGILE AREAS - Please keep our beach beautiful so we can enjoy this little piece of paradise. Stay off dunes and away from nesting areas. Leave only footprints, take home only memories.
  • BE POLITE - Remember that this is a public beach. A clothing optional environment is defined so you may be nude, partially nude or clothed. Treat others like you wish to be treated.
  • NOTIFY A LIFEGUARD OR PARK RANGER - If you experience a problem, do not take matters into your own hands.

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